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In support of the CFO, the controller translates the business plan into a financial plan and provides the necessary "controlling- and reportingtools".


The realisation of targets that meet the consumer needs through projects concerning new products, services & profit. These projects are handled by the analist.


Treasury plays a crucial role when correcting and maintaining the the company or organisation's financial strength.

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Constant altering business models and big data demand finance professionals worthy enough to talk business.

With the right mix of capacities and skills. Captains Of Finance gets you in touch with the best controllers, Analysts and Treasurers, for temporary or permanent support of your activities. We provide you with a quick and adequate solution!

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You are an experienced finance professional, looking for a new challenge?

Or you wish to grow towards a job in controlling, analysis or treasury?

Get in touch with our specialists to see what you're worth on the job market and which next steps you can make career wise.

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I signed up for the two-year Finance Academy Program in which you work as a finance consultant, project-based for clients in different finance fields. This variety in job content and job context really allowed me to figure out what I like to do and the direction I would like my career to take.

Thomas, Academy Program
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