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In which domains of finance can Captains Of Finance help?

Captains Of Finance is specialised in the temporary or permanent placing of professionals in Controlling, Analysis & Treasury. Whether it be Business Operations, Sales or Financial Controlling, Captains Of Finance provides a custom fit solution.

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Focused on Controlling

Our focus is on Controlling. Controlling derived from the verb 'to control' or maintain. Clear controlling enables security on all levels within an organisation, in order to redirect the (financial) processes in the correct way.

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Business Controllers

Big data is king. In order to make the right decisions, one must understand the numbers and correlations. In support of the CFO, the controller translates the business plan into a financial plan and provides the necessary "controlling- and reportingtools".

KPI's and ratio's allow the monitoring to check whether the company is in line with the management's vision and targets. The analysis and recommendation can be found through Management Reporting and the Executive Summary Report. Captains Of Finance's controllers are extensively skilled to complete these tasks.

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Within the current complex business macro environment, a company's ability to adapt, dexterity and the commitment for constant change through innovation, are the key to succes. Traditional methods are insufficient to accomplish the targets. Here we need business analysis.

The realisation of targets that meet the consumer needs through projects concerning new products, services & profit. These projects are handled by the analist.

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Treasury Specialists

Treasury plays a crucial role when correcting and maintaining the company or organisation's financial strength. The following responsibilities are included within the role:

  • the determination of financial- and especially the cash strategy & policy;
  • Investing advice;
  • organisation of an adequate financing and cash pooling;
  • controlling of the financial risks of the organisation.

In search of controlling support?

In need of temporary support for your controlling activities or are you looking for a permanent solution, Captains Of Finance provides a quick and adequate solution!

Operational Support

Support for the clarification of global 'Operational Goals' of the enterprise, logged in the 'Business Plan', Financial Plan' and the matching realistic 'Budgets, KPI's and Financial Ratio's'.

Data Registration & follow up

The registering of data generated within the 'company process' within the 'operational cycle' of the enterprise & the evolution follow up of the working capital (incl. stock).

Reporting and actualising

Periodically reporting of the actual results in 'Management Reporting & Executive Summary'.

Actualising of the targets in 'Forecasts and adapted objectives'.

Compliance with GAAP, IAS & IFRS guidlines.

Efficiency & guarding of the cost structure

Advising efficiency and enhancements of the accounting and controlling procedures and ICT- & ERP Tools.

Guarding of the company's 'Cost Structure' in comparison to the ratios that apply to the business market. (Cfr. Peergroup).

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I signed up for the two-year Finance Academy Program in which you work as a finance consultant, project-based for clients in different finance fields. This variety in job content and job context really allowed me to figure out what I like to do and the direction I would like my career to take.

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