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Graduated in finance? Your journey starts here!

With your Master’s Degree in hand, it’s time for you to think about your next step. During your studies you developed a broad interest in Finance, so you are now considering embarking on a career in the Finance field. But are you ready to decide yet? Wouldn’t you rather keep your options open?

Our Captains Academy allows you to discover the broad spectrum of opportunities that Finance has to offer and to learn from all these different experiences. Rather than defining your future career path, this development program offers you a compass of self-awareness of your strengths and capabilities in order to set out the career direction of your choice. Are you in?

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No-nonsense reporting and forecasting can be learned. Our educators are long time active financial controllers or CFO's that have mastered the in's and out's of the business. They are here to teach you those as well as reaching out handy tools to monitor your business activities in an efficient manner. It ain’t no rocket science, but a health dose of knowledge mixed with excellent communication.

Trainings have a central role in your career path. Financial controlling, Analysis & Treasury demand constant education. Captains of Finance provides the perfect matching education as specialist on the market.

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Kick-start your career

As consultant, you will be involved in challenging financial projects in a variety of organizations and industries, which will enable you to gain experience in different financial positions and gain further insight in your personal and professional skills and competences.

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The smart direction to growth

But there’s more to it than a permanent contract. Here are just some of the perks that go along with being a consultant at Captains of Finance:

  • Opportunity to take part in assessment & development centers in order to support your personal and professional growth
  • On-the-job mentoring by highly skilled and experienced finance professionals
  • Soft skill coaching and in-depth technical trainings from top-level institutes and universities, customizable to fit your personal and professional needs
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I signed up for the two-year Finance Academy Program in which you work as a finance consultant, project-based for clients in different finance fields. This variety in job content and job context really allowed me to figure out what I like to do and the direction I would like my career to take.

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The journey to excellence

Our two-year Finance Academy development program is aimed at developing you, as a highly competent finance professional, by offering a variety of blended learning opportunities and by engaging you in challenging financial projects in both dynamic and growing organizations.

your personal growth

Each consultant’s skill set is unique. Our assessment & development center enables you to gain insight in your personality and competences. More importantly, it enables us to identify your opportunities for development and take-on a tailor-made approach in guiding each of you individually on your road to excellence.

your active engagement

By being involved in different financial projects, you become self-aware about your skills and competences and feel confident in choosing your future professional direction. You will learn to be effective in a fast-paced environment, to adapt quickly to changing circumstances and to act accordingly.

your continuous development

The organisations that we work with to develop highly skilled financial professionals provide a stimulating environment. On-the-job mentoring will guarantee continuous learning opportunities and a hands-on approach with respect to your personal and professional development.

your academy program

During your journey you are offered a mix of soft skills and technical skills trainings, both in-house as well as at top-level institutes and universities. While some of these trainings are an essential part of the program, you are free to choose between a variety of trainings based on your own personal and professional needs.

Join us!

Interested in joining our dynamic team of Finance Professionals? Please sign up and fill out your contact details so we can get in touch with you!

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